Want to see what Samy used to look like? 👀

Hi lovely ones!

The Kinder World Kickstarter has had an incredible first few days! We would love your support to help smash our first stretch goal: 🌿 animated plants! 🌿This will allow us to add petting and interaction features with your beloved plants. Let’s make it happen – please back us! ❤️️

Today we also wanted to share a sneak peek at Samy’s humble beginnings!

If you’ve played Kinder World, you will have met the cute neighbourhood comittee member Samy. The inspiration for our Samy is a real-life samoyed called Ashley – our technical lead Christina plays cello, and Ashley belongs to her teacher. A sweet and encouraging creature, Ashley would nod if Christina played well in her classes. This spirit (and cuteness) has carried through to Samy in Kinder World – keeping you company and encouraging you!

Here’s Ashley – the cutest cloud dog!

We also asked our friends and players to share samoyed reference pics – these were a huge help! If you ever come across a cute samoyed, please send us photos or videos!

Our art and design lead Mandy sketched a samoyed into some of the very earliest versions of Kinder World. Here you can see a rough first sketch of Samy, and the current fluffy and sweet version!

We’re so pleased that so many of you love our sweet pup, and we look forward to giving our players even more reasons to chat with Samy – as well as add friends to join the fun!

We hope you enjoy this little sneak peek at our process and inspiration! We’ve also shared more on our approach to developing a kindness-focused game in our recent team blog post, ‘Why we’re making a Kinder World’ on Medium and here on Kickstarter as an update.

✨ In the meantime, please consider sharing Kinder World with your pals – this is the best way for us to smash those extra feature and content goals! You can send friends this download link to try the demo, or to the Kickstarter!

Sending everyone love for a cozy weekend!
– Lauren, Christina & Mandy