Kinder World – Alpha 1 (December Update) – Current FAQs

We’ve recently released Kinder World Alpha 1 (the December Update) and want to thank you all so much for your amazing support! This was our largest and most challenging update yet, and you’ve all helped us enormously with a few bugs and issues that have come up.

In most cases, ensuring you have the latest version of Kinder World installed should help most issues. Before reporting a bug, please check your Google Play or Testflight first to check if there’s an update available and see if it helps. Thank you in advance!

Here are some FAQs for recent issues:

My decoration room is a black screen, or my decoration room is unexpectedly locked!

We experienced issues with some players that were upgrading from an earlier version of Kinder World, our apologies! 

Your decoration room should unlock (and stay unlocked) once you have two Plant Card Stars.

If you have two Plant Card Stars and haven’t got the decoration room unlocked, or it seems to ‘re-lock’ itself – could you also check that you’ve updated to the newest version on Testflight/Google Play Store, and continue playing till you unlock a third Plant Card Star? 

We’ve added a fix for the room unlocking bug, but this fix requires you to unlock the third star before you can get the room again. If you’re still having issues after the third star, please let us know. Thank you and apologies for the issue!

I can’t get past the Privacy screen!

Thank you very much for letting us know. We’ve released an update that may help with this, please check to see if you have an update available. If the issue is continuing, please close and uninstall Kinder World, clear the cache and any Kinder World data via your Settings menu, then try to reinstall the latest version. If this continues, please email directly.

I’m getting stuck while watering or selecting plants!

Our latest updates should help prevent these issues, please try checking for the latest updates and see if it helps. If you’re still experiencing issues, please email Support using the in-game Settings menu.

How do I get Dog Treats?

Once your decoration room is unlocked, Samy will tidy up the space in exchange for Dog Treats. With the decoration room unlocked, watering your plant will earn some Dog Treats. 🙂

Thank you so much for being the best player community ever! ⭐ All your bug reports have been a huge help!