Kinder World – Houseplants, healing and kindness


A game of houseplants, healing and practicing kindness

Help shape the game by testing the demo!

Relax and unwind with this cozy houseplant game

Nurture houseplants by practicing kind actions.

Receive sweet messages of encouragement from other players :heart:

Chat in the player community Discord, share houseplant pics and more!

A GIF displaying Kinder World on an iOS device and Android device. The iOS screen flips through multiple messages responding to the prompt 'What are you looking forward to today. The Android device shows a monstera plant with a pink variegation being watered.

Take care of your plants and yourself ♥

Help us shape a Kinder World by testing the demo and raising your own plant.

Bulsy, Kinder World player

“Kinder World is…a place to come visit for a touch of kindness in your day-to-day.”

Mihay, community member

“I’ve always felt like a failure because I couldn’t make a habit with apps I thought would help. […] But by taking care of my plant in Kinder World, suddenly I’m practicing gratitude twice a day!”

Montgomery, Kinder World player

“It’s adorable…taking care of a small plant that takes care of a small piece of you.”

:seedling: The Kinder World houseplant game needs you! :seedling:

We’re looking for players like you to help shape the game by testing the demo.

Kinder World’s crowdfunding campaign continues on InDemand. Join us in our journey!