Plant Wish

Plant Wish is a Kinder World minigame for players to create and style a cute houseplant, and get a wish for 2021!

Our goal is to collect 20,000 positive wishes for a kinder 2021. Pass on your own wish for another player in the Kinder World Discord!

Plant Wish is best experienced on mobile browsers. Make your plant and share your wish with #KinderWorld so everyone can check out your creation!

Music by Tamara Partridge.

Help us reach 20,000 Wishes in Plant Wish!

All Wishes are written by Kinder World players. Join the Kinder World Discord to add your Wish to the game! Wishes are updated regularly.

If you experience issues loading the Plant Wish minigame, please try clearing your cache. If issues persist, please let us know in the Discord community or email

Share your Plant Wish with #KinderWorld!