Kinder World key image showing a sunlit windowsill filled with houseplants.


Kinder World


Kinder World is a game of houseplants, healing and practicing kindness.

In a relaxing and lush atmosphere of their own design, playing Kinder World gently improves the way players treat themselves. To take care of plants in-game, players complete small gentle activities like gratitude, stretching or breathing exercises. By sharing supportive messages and plant cuttings, players practice being kind to each other and contribute to the growth of the world-wide Community Tree. 

  • Every plant grows with procedural generation over time, so every one is unique! 
  • Rare variegations to discover and new plant varieties to unlock
  • Customize to create the ultimate green relaxation space with pots, decorations and more
  • In-game self-kindness resources and information to help build positive habits
  • Relaxing lo-fi sounds and music
  • iOS (requires iOS 13 and above)
  • Android (requires Android 10 and above)
Release date:

Demo available now: Download here!

Kinder World’s Kickstarter campaign has finished, with pre-orders still open on InDemand.

Alpha launch in Q4 2021.


Download all media assets here: [link]

Developed by: 

Lumi Interactive

Based in Melbourne Australia, Lumi Interactive is a female-founded mobile game studio focused on games that make the world a kinder place. With a focus on social connection and wellbeing, their latest title Kinder World is in development for iOS and Android for release in 2021.

Created with support from Film Victoria.

Developer quotes:

We’re making Kinder World because it can be very hard to work on being compassionate with ourselves, especially after a year like 2020. If you’ve struggled to make a habit with meditation or mindfulness apps, we’re making this game for exactly you!

Lauren Clinnick, CEO

Media quotes:

“...the perfect thing to look forward to after 2020.” – Gamespot

Player quotes:

“Kinder World is a rewarding game, in the same way that growing plants in real life is not complex, but ends up being extremely satisfying. It’s a place to come visit for a touch of kindness in your day-to-day.” – Bulsy

“It’s adorable…taking care of a small plant that takes care of a small piece of you. “ – Montgomery

“Your plants grow uniquely like in real life. There’s awesome mutations, and they get cute hairstyles depending on how they grow – and there’s a doggo! It helps you chill even just for 5 minutes, and makes you think about the positives in life. You find yourself being more optimistic, even as a realist like myself!” BabyBelle

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